Twitter Stories

Farmer’s Daughter

‘The cold bit him. His running kept him warm. A man with an axe followed closely. Maybe he shouldn’t sleep with the farmer’s daughter.’

My Lord

The man knelt in awe of his Lord’s presence. He was less awed when he looked up to see him picking his teeth.


“You have called me forth from the flames of Hell!” the Demon screamed “What is your desire?”  “Bus Fare” I responded


The freckled girl pushed her red hair away from her face, smiling. The awkward boy grinned stupidly back. She said yes!


The orc swung wildly, only to have a blade slice into his guts.  The Knight roared in victory as the last foe dropped.


He was alone and the tears flowed freely.  She was gone, a car crash.  50 years of marriage struck down in a moment. 

Summer Fun

A quick laugh, a jump and a cannonball. He grinned at the scream as his sister was soaked in the splash.

Horror Movies

Heart roaring, he dove behind the stone wall.  A masked man waved a reddened axe. He clutched her necklace, no time to cry.


The monster roared mightily, stomping fearsomely toward his foe.  The man looked down at the 6 inch beast.  He punted it.

Leaving the Altar

‘Why now?’ his chest burned. He dropped to his knee, ring clinking away.  He looked at his bride and blacked out.

Ding Dong Ditch

Once again he rang the bell and ran, giggling.  The door opened and a robed man threw something.  A splash of paint hit him.

Services Rendered

The dragon roared.  Paling, the peasant froze. Stomping forward, the creature gave him a coin. “Can I sleep in your barn?”

You Know you Wanna

“Never mind why.  Just do it” he growled.  Sighing the young man picked up the laptop and hurled it discus style through the window.

Brilliant Strategy

Job complete, he left the room.  Everyone stared silently at the man’s work on the whiteboard.  ‘Make more money.’ it said.

Just How ?!

Everyone stared in awe.  The young woman hung her head out the window, confused.  No one knew how her car hung out the 3rd story.