Little Girl in Pastels

One of the nicest portraits I’ve done.  The picture is done on 11×13 watercolor paper.

Space Arahlen

Arahlen lived in a world called Aparna until she awoke to from cryostasis to find herself in a ship in the middle of nowhere.  So now she’s the engineer and loves it.  This is image was hand drawn then colored digitally. 

Snow Dog

This image was hand drawn for the holidays.  The image is a part of a series I created for christmas in 2019

Shaggy Cow

My children love this one.  It’s done using pencil with colored pencil to apply the tint. 

The Witch

This is a preliminary sketch for a T Shirt design to give my niece as a Christmas gift.  I used mechanical pencil over blue colored pencil for the drawing and it was done on standard 8.5×11 art paper.

Henna Designs

This illustration was done to mimic the style of traditional henna art.  It was done on art paper using felt pen over pencil



This portrait is pastel on bristol board.  Jazzy died of cancer at a young age and her mother created a non profit in her name.  Jazzy’s Children’s Fund help families with children with cancer or other life threatening illnesses to be able to afford to travel with them to their treatments.  It’s a great cause worth checking out here.  The picture was given as a gift to her mother at the annual quarter auction they hold.

Arahlen in Aparna

This is the first serious digital colored image I created.  The character is the same as space Arahlen, but before she left Aparna. 

Doctor Meow

This vector drawing was done using Inkscape.  The image is based on my favorite incarnation of the doctor.