Person of Interest – Rorri Henshaw

Name: Rorri Henshaw

Age: 5000

Appearance: Rorri is a semi human shaped cloud of mist with a greenish hue

Background:  Rorri is a spirit of mist who wandered his swamp home luring travelers to their death.  He was good at his job and loved his work. He was too good as it happened.

A few days after Rorri killed a pair of teenagers a priest entered the swamp and set up a tent and a small table.  He put a bible on the table and began reading. Rorri tried to draw him out but Zhe ignored the creature.

After a few days of this Rorri felt a strange tingling sensation and his ears were ringing. He tried everything he could think of but the priest kept reading. A week passed and the pain was unbearable.  He screamed at the priest “Stop Damnit!”

The priest responded, “Swear you will never return to this place again and I will leave you alone.”

“Piss Off,” Rorri responded.  He then drifted into the forest.  In another week he returned. He felt like he was in the middle of a volcano.  “Fine! I’ll leave!” he shouted.

“Swear it”

“Fine.  I swear I shall leave and never return.”

“Good.”  The priest slammed his book shut and began to pack.

In a moment Rorri’s pain went away.  He wept as he left his home of 2000 years.  He had warned this would be a temp job as the humans kept destroying natural places. His mother would be disappointed in him.

He needed to get another job soon.  His savings wouldn’t last for long.  He had heard that death spirits were being fazed out in favor of building possession, animating objects and poltergeists.  He didn’t know any of that. Killing was all Rorri knew. He would have to go community college to get the credentials he needed.

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