Person of Interest – Dana Dent

Name: Dana Dent

Age: 0

Appearance:  A typical wrinkly newborn with reddish fuzz on her head.

Description:  Dana snapped into awareness while screaming.  The world around her was blurry and cold, nothing like the warm cocoon she was used to.  Something tightly wrapped her and she calmed, falling back asleep as she was placed in her mother’s arms.

She awoke a short time later and began suckling.  What year is it?  Did I make it? She darted her eyes around but her myopic infant vision gave no clues.  She could hear a television, but her sensitive ears heard only a cacophony of noise.  I have to find out when I am.  Her eyes went wide and she started whining. I’m a girl? What the hell?  They told me no gender swaps this time!

Dana thought back to the procedure.  She – he – had been through it many times.  Her memory was fuzzy with only one thing clear, her mission.  Even as she remembered the men in coats, the giant machine and traveling to this body her thoughts faded away.  In moments she forgot all that in a haze of infant understanding. Warm.  Hungry.  Wet. The discomfort made her scream.  This pushed her last memory, that she was trapped this time with no way back, out of her tiny brain.

One thing stuck.  She had to kill John Pilterson before she reached her 8th birthday.  Everything depended on that.

Who is John Pilterson?  Why does he have to die?  How can Dana kill a man as a small child?  If you have any thoughts share them in the comments, or even better write a story!

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