Tamaki Suko – Person of Interest

Name: Tamaki Suko


Description:  Young: Short and thick with wild blue hair and a violet gi with the kanji violence on the front.  Older: Tall and massively muscled with wild blue hair. He wears a larger version of his old gi. His hair turns pink when he is at full power.

Background:  Tamaki is a shoujo manga main character who beats and kills other fighters and monsters.  At first, he reveled in it but that changed when Uzuuku arrived.

Uzuuku was a Buddhist monk who trained Tamaki in focusing his ki.  He also made him a Buddhist. Now Tamaki hated violence and wished to escape.  

His first attempt to lessen the fighting was to fight with just enough strength to hold them off while tried to befriend them.  This ended with the other characters attacking innocents. This led to collateral damage and Tamaki being forced into battle.

Next, he tried dying.  During a fight where a character was supposed to die he dove into the beam.  This heroic sacrifice gave the death meaning which should make it stick. Instead, he dueled with a pickle man while dead to become more powerful.  His friends then made him not dead so he could beat up a dangerous enemy.

This left Tamaki with one question: how could he end the violence?

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