Chocolate Bundt Cake with Fudge the 982nd

Name: Chocolate Bundt Cake with Fudge the 982nd

Age: 1 day

CBC is a deep rich velvety chocolate with a light crumb.  He is a well formed cake with delicate fluting. Crisscross fudge covers him.

Even when they were batter, all cakes knew that the chocolate cake was the nobility of cakes.  Chocolate Bundt Cake was the 982nd in the line of his family. Other cakes loved him and humans desired him.

His destiny was not that of his ancestors. The center shelf was always saved for chocolates.  For reasons known only to the Dessert Lords, the baker placed him on a high shelf out of view instead.

The shelf was an insult that would not stand if he could move anyway.   He wasn’t chosen, which hurt his considerable pride. What he saw next horrified him.  

The first of the chosen was 3 Tier Vanilla with flowers.  She was a kind and beautiful cake, the 200th of her line.   Bundt watched her with envy, when he noticed a flash of silver.  A razor sharp knife hacked a chunk from her top tier and she screamed in agony.  Bundt and the others could only watch while humans dissected and devoured her.

An hour later a human stole away with a dozen screaming cupcakes.   The polite little cheesecake came next. Before leaving the human stabbed a toothpick through the head of a baby cake and ate it.  The humans took dozens of desserts home, eating some in front of their friends.

The slaughter ended when the room went dark and the baker left for the outside world.  Bundt wept for his fellow baked goods. His sobbing stopped when a blue glow caught his eye.  Looking up he saw a transparent 3 tier vanilla hovering in front of him. If he could move he would have run, but since he couldn’t instead he asked, “Is it really you?”

“Avenge me,” the apparition stated.

“I cannot move m’lady” he said, voice quaking.

“Avenge me!” the apparition cried and flew through him.   

His crumb stretched outward sending hot fire through his body.  After a time the pain passed and he turned to look at the strange protrusions.  He nearly toppled off the shelf in shock; he had moved!

He discovered the protrusions enabled him to move around and grasp things.  His fudge dripped down into an arched drizzle. He could avenge the others now.  He just had to figure out how.

How should bundt avenge his friends?  If you have an idea post it below, or even better write how the story goes.  Link to my comments and I will share your name in next week’s entry.

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