Mikey Gingue (Tefos the Seeker) -Person of Interest

If anyone likes Tefo’s story I invite you to write a story from it and link it to my site and I will share it with my next person of interest entry.

Name: Mikey Gingue (Tefos the Seeker)

Age: 3(284)

Appearance:  Mikey has a plump body with arms and legs that ripple with muscle. He walks with long controlled strides  He has blue eyes and close cropped brown hair

Description: Mikey is your average 3 year old, he marches everywhere, speaks fluent English and has muscular arms capable of lifting a small car.   So maybe not so normal.

The story begins with two alternate worlds one inhabited by rabbit people, the other lizards.  These worlds differed from others in that both could see through the veil to other alternate realities.  The rabbit people used this to watch other realities, looking for interesting things. Upon finding something they embedded the memories of one of their own into a creature of that world to learn the secret.

The lizards were horrified to find worlds where lizards didn’t rule.  They invented a machine to walk between realities and began wiping out all the intelligent life and leaving a breeding group to repopulate the world with lizard people.  The horrified rabbit people used their technology to try and prevent the slaughter. The new target is our reality.

The plan was to imbedded Tefos into the body of a strong, disciplined soldier to take control of the military to fight the lizard people.  They missed. Instead, he wound up in the body of a 3 year old child. He was horrified.

Protocol said in the case of entering the wrong body, a seeker should kill that body so he can be embedded to the correct one.  Tefos could not stand the idea of murdering a child and remained in it, becoming the most deadly toddler on the planet.

He now had to somehow complete his mission as a small child and avoid assassination attempts from the lizards and his own people, who wished to send him into the correct body. No problem

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