Person of Interest – Jordan Beufont

Name: Jordan Beufont

Age: 40

Appearance: Jordan appears ageless, being young one moment and ancient the next.  His clothes are generally white polo shirts and tan slacks. He keeps his hair in a salt and pepper buzzcut.  He has large ears and a bulbous nose.

Description:  Jordan Beufont has only one passion in life – music.  He lives and breathes music. He knows the correct song for any situation.  He cannot play music himself, but he lives in the space between beats.

When he graduated high school he began working various menial jobs and spent the minimum he could to survive.  Everything else went into stereo equipment, records, and CDs. He never got into MP3s, they seemed too mechanical to him.

Then came the date of his sister’s wedding.  To save money she asked if he could be the DJ.  He wasn’t so sure but did it anyway. The second he stepped in front of the turntables that this what was supposed to do with his life.  He rocked the wedding and several people asked him for a card, but he had to write it on a napkin. The next day he got cards.

For 20 years he was the most popular DJ on the East Coast.  He had 12 jobs that were nigh impossible to satisfy. He did them anyway and was celebrated by the challenging groups.  He lived his life collecting music and doing gigs. He was incredibly lonely and out of place.

After one particularly isolating show, he went for a walk.  It was bitter cold and he burned in his stomach. Jordan raised his head and screamed “Why am I here!” his voice echoed.  He stood silent, daring the universe to confront him.

To his shock, it did.  Floating from the sky came a man in a white tunic wearing a gold helmet and winged sandals.  The man looked down at Jordan. “My name is Mercury and I have come to collect you.” He smiled and held out a hand.

Jordan looked up and asked, “Why Me?”

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