Blazing Summer – an Explanation

Earlier today I planned on this post being part 4 of Blazing Summer.  In reading it over, however, I decided to take the full story down. There are many reasons.  One is my grammar and writing were awful. The main one is I don’t feel the content is a good example of my writing.

I will be honest, the longer I wrote the story the more I hated it.  The first parts were loaded with purple prose. All the descriptions were lacking.  Most of all the content is horrible, and I can’t let something like that stand.

Ultimately, a large part of the story is barely outside the edge of rape.  The two MC try to dominate and control each other, which is dangerously close to forcing yourself on someone.  There are other gruesome things too, but they aren’t too far from other pieces I’ve written.

The story is complete on my computer.  For those who read the earlier parts keep in mind a story must build up so what comes next is far worse than the start.  

For those of you who are interested in the story and want to read the ending, email me at and I will email the story to you.  I apologize if this is an issue for anyone, but I have to be true to myself.

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