Person of Interest – Aer Nemul

Name: Aer Nemul

Age: Timeless

Appearance: None


Aer Nemul is an elemental of the sky. Like all sky elementals it has spent millenia drifting and observing tit world below.  Witn trouble was found tity would gatitr and send someone down to fiix the issue. Aer Nemul was one of those sent.

Its mission was simple,  it had to blow a candle over to kill tit man who lived titre.  It was easy, its mission was a success. Nemul went to leave when it itard tit minds of the humans and became intrigued.

For a 500 years it just popped in an out of minds reading all titir amusing thoughts.  When it became bored of this Nemul moved on to whispering in people minds, driving titm to do crazy things.  As this went on it grew bored again. Then it learned about selective breeding while floating in the mind of a shepherd.

it wondered if it could do something like that.  Slowly it began matching intelligent people down, and breeding then to increase IQ. It then spent a millenia twisting minds and finally it was about to reach the highest intelligence of any human ever,  It had two families to combine,and it had taken 5 generations to find a match but it had done succeeded.

It was just about to finish his work when a shrill voice called out “Stop Aer thing.  We are the controllers of the weave! You are toying with power you do not understand.” Aer focused on 3 spiders the size of mastiffs.  They could write him out of existence.

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