Trapped in Darkness

Heth muttered to the person next to him, one of many talking in the dim room.  They all sat in uncomfortable chairs, waiting for what was to come. More people filed in whispering amongst themselves.  Heth wondered if they were talking about him or the spectacle about to unfold.

He reached his hand into a bucket and pulled out a handful of grease-ridden and salty food. Disgusted, he shoved the lumpy mass into his maw, the salt drying his lips.  He took a drink of his watered down beverage, trying in vain to stop the burning of his lips. He looked around again. Everyone around him seemed excited. Many also had buckets of salty grease.  He wanted to run, but it was too late for that.

Heth almost screamed when the light dimmed, plunging the room into darkness.  The whispers around him dropped away, and the deafening silence thumped in his ears.  He looked around frantically for escape, but he was pinned in by another person. There was no way out.

A large light burst in front of the crowd.  Images flashed in rapid succession in front of the crowd. The chaotic images and depicted horrible scenes of carnage and murder.  The sound of explosions filled the room, blasting at deafening levels. He covered his ears, but it did nothing but draw suspicious looks from those around him.

Images jumped out at him, showing monsters and dismembered children.  Buildings were destroyed and a great fire rampaged through a city. For several hours the torturous scenes flashed.  Screams, howls, and explosions thumped his chest. Finally, the noise and visions ended. The lights returned and people began to leave.

The person trapping him stood, and he bolted for the door.  Free at last he ran into the bright sun, and his heart slowed.  He dropped to the cement, waiting for his companion to join him.

Tara watched in confusion as Heth charged from the theater.  She had never quite gotten a bead on him. He apparently didn’t like the movie, he kept looking around and covering his ears.  Heth was an odd duck. When he ran out of the room his eyes were wild and his face tear streaked. Heth must not like Kaiju films.  She’d get him into an action movie next. She was determined to find something he would like.


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