Person of Interest – Tony Tomatillo

Where would you take Tony? If you find a story in this, send me a link and I’ll share it next week.

Name: Tony Tomatillo


Appearance:  Tony is gaunt and pockmarked from years of meth use.  His hairline is receding so he has shaved his head. His pointed face is hidden by a huge unruly beard.  His clothes are ratty, he buys them from the discount rack at thrift stores. His eyes are green and piercing.

Background:  Unless you knew him, you would think Tony was destitute or homeless.  He wandered the streets in torn up clothing, wandering the alleys, looking in dumpsters and peering into people’s yards.  The only stores he enters are pet shops.

The truth is Tony is insanely wealthy.  He simply doesn’t spend his money on anything but drugs and animals.  His home is a huge, warped and leaning on its foundations. The outside is a peeling pale blue.  Several windows are broken. It would have been condemned years ago if Tony didn’t grease the palms of the local inspectors.

The inside is just as unappealing as the outside.  The floors are an unfinished wood of some sort that was so grayed the type was unrecognizable.  The walls were covered with peeling wallpaper straight from the 60s. A few torn up pieces of furniture filled the many rooms.  The only room done up was his office, with a nice couch, some photographer backgrounds and an expensive computer with 3 monitors and a plush office chair.

The only other thing in the house is animals.  The animals are not normal. They have cleft palettes, odd faces or strange quirks.  Tony’s gift is finding freakshow animals, which he posts to YouTube under many different names.  He was a master of making these animals appear to be from different homes. He usually has 3 or 4 viral videos at a time.

Now he is trying to figure out what to do with his latest acquisition. The creature looked normal, appearing to be a regular box turtle. However, it could run faster than a cheetah.  He had considered posting the running to the net, but everyone would assume it was doctored. It looked too strange to be natural. He stared at the small creature, wondering what a high-speed turtle might be good for.


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