The Path of Least Resistance

Warning: Strong adult content
Ralph chanted in a mumble, the thick wool of his robe causing him to sweat. He asked himself for the millionth time how he had ended up a cultist for a dark religion. He didn’t believe, he wasn’t brainwashed, he just stayed. Yet again he went over what led his life to this.
Ralph was a mild person, he never got angry, he never got sad, and he was never happy. He was content to exist, doing only what made his life bearable. When he first had to go to school, he refused to go, preferring to play with his toys and watch TV. His mother wouldn’t allow it. Through yelling and punishments Ralph discovered going to school was easier than fighting it so that’s what he did.
The first time Todd Thompson asked for his lunch money, Ralph said no. He didn’t even see the fist coming, he pain jarred his face and he fell to the floor. Todd was huge, and loomed over him, saying “Give me the money, now!” Ralph gave him the money, it was easier than getting punched. He could have reported it to a teacher or told his parents, but he suspected it would backfire. It would be too much effort, anyway. Instead he found being hungry easier than trying to resolve the situation.
He did exactly the minimum amount of work to not get punished by teachers. At first he didn’t do his homework. The teacher scolded him, but he could ignore that. Then she called in his parents, causing yelling and punishments. So it was easier to half ass his work, keeping his grades high enough to avoid being called out by the teacher.
Puberty and High School hit at the same time. Most of his classmates became surly, argumentative and opinionated. None of that mattered to Ralph, he just wanted to get home. He didn’t join clubs. He was invited to parties, he even went to one because Tina Murphy pressured him. He was then pressured into drinking beer after beer and blacked out. He awoke in his yard with his father spraying him with the hose. This was followed by a day of sickness and pain. This was exacerbated by the punishments and intentional yelling of his father. After this Ralph did not attend parties. Whenever someone he caught wind of a party he hid out.
His first girlfriend was Tanya Reynolds. She asked to go out with him, and he said yes, not wanting the hassle of hurting the girl. At first it was great. They held hands, kissed and talked together. Then Tanya realized he would never say no, and began ordering him around. It was frustrating, but a breakup would be loud and messy so he did whatever was asked.
He didn’t even break up with her the time he found her entwined around the hulking Todd Thompson. The thug was now the head of the football team. It was easier to forgive her, so he thought. Instead an argument came up. She screamed at him, calling him a coward, a spineless weakling. Tanya screamed that if he was a real man he would have tried to have sex with her. She left him in a huff and the relationship was over. Ralph learned girlfriends were too much trouble, and avoided girls at all costs.
Ralph never considered college. It sounded like too much effort to even apply. He graduated, barely, and continued to live with his parents for 2 years. He ate, slept and played games. He grew fat and didn’t care. Trying to be thin would be difficult and he had noone he was trying to impress.
After two years his father finally gave an ultimatum, go to school, get a job or he would be on the street. Out of options, Ralph began applying for whatever jobs sounded easiest. He was unable to get the energy to get excited at interviews. It had come down to the wire and Ralph had been unable to get a job. If he wasn’t employed tomorrow he would be on the street.
He was worried for once, grumbling as he walked dejectedly down the street. “Excuse me sir, you look upset. My teacher can help to solve any problem.” He looked up at a beautiful woman dressed in what looked to be a sexy nun outfit. She had on an oversized talisman of some sort.
“Unless he can get me a job or home he can’t help” Ralph looked back at his feet and continued walking she jumped in his path. “If you join us he can help with both problems,” she continued talking but the words flew past him.
He finally said “All right, I’ll meet him,” sighing he followed her into a small, dingy building. A man with a peppered hair and beard. They were both wild and unkempt. His eyes had a tinge of madness. Ralph wanted nothing to do with him, but the girl was hanging on his arm. It was easier to speak to the man than try to disentangle himself.
“Welcome brother. I see sister Samantha has brought you to the truth. Are you already a believer?” the man asked in a gentle voice.
“Uhm, no. I was walking home when Samantha brought me here,” Ralph replied.
“Ah, well let me explain,” the man went into a complex conversation about Gods and the nature of Reality. Ralph didn’t care.He would have left if Samantha was not hanging off of him. Her physical presence excited him despite his vow to avoid relationships.
After an hour the man stopped. Ralph thought he could finally escape when the young lady said “He is looking for a home.”
“If you agree to follow our path, you can step into your own room with no expectations but to go to our morning prayers,” the man said. Ralph felt some alarm at this, he knew there was more to it.
“There are other benefits as well” Samantha whispered inches from his ear. The warmth of her breath sent shivers down his spine.
“All right, I have nowhere else to go anyway. Let me call my parents..” the guru cut him off.
“No! If you join us we are your world!” he yelled.
“Please stay” Samantha whispered and nibbled on his earlobe.
He didn’t call his parents that day. Late that night he was awoken by a naked Samantha who turned out to be extremely skilled at sex. He could get used to this.
His days were easier than ever. He went to sermons in the morning and the guru talked of the great work, but Ralph didn’t care. He would go to eat afterwards than lay in his bed, enjoying doing nothing. Every night a different women came to him and they all were very skilled. In a few months he learned to tell them apart by technique.
This went on for two years before the guru decided he was ready for the next level. Ralph was laying in bed when Samantha came in. He expected her usual treatment but instead she pulled him up. “Come, you have been chosen for the greater mysteries. There are a couple things to do, but you’ll do great” she smiled. “The rewards are greater than what you have had before,” she whispered “I know much more than I’ve shown you.”
He didn’t care about mysteries and he was content with what he had, but she held him like a soft, curved vice. He shrugged and went where he was led. After 20 minutes they arrived in a small, black room. There was a strange yellow symbol on the wall with foreign writing on it. A small table sat in the middle of the room with a kitten being held in place with ropes.
The guru was there, naked. In his hand was a golden knife, the blade decorated with the same writing as the wall. “Welcome brother. You have heard my sermons for 2 years now. You are ready for the truth. First you must be tested to prove your loyalty.”
The guru handed him the knife and said simply “Kill it.”
Ralph wanted to run but two things stopped him. One was the beautiful girl on the arm. The other was he had the impression something was going to die today. It could be a kitten, or himself. He couldn’t walk away from this. He stood for long moments before he came to the decision that it was just a kitten. His hands shook as he raised the knife. He closed his eyes and pretended it was a roast he was cutting. The scream of the dying kitten burned his insides.
The guru clapped. “Well done.”
Suddenly Samantha went from hanging on his arm, to pinning his arms behind his back. Ralph was weak, but he realized she could have held him even if he wasn’t. The guru dipped his fingers in the blood and began drawing on Ralph with the blood while chanting. The blood began to glow, and it felt like something slimy had crawled into his mind.
“You are now the property of Shoggoth. If you try to escape, you will die. I know you. You don’t believe, not really, but you are too weak to run. Don’t worry, your life will not be any more complex, excepting rituals every full moon. As a full member you may know my true name. I am Occidendum. The lovely girl behind you is Lena,” Lena punctuated her name by tearing away his clothing.
As she began to pleasure him Occidendum continued “You are now brother Otiosum. Enjoy your reward. I shall move your things to the true temple.”
Ralph was scared, and in shock. He didn’t want any of this. Lena quickly pulled his attention away from anything. As promised she knew much more about sex than he had ever experienced.
The next few months were not much different. In the lower temple never saw the sun, the food was paltry and bloody, and the sex was outstanding. He learned the proper chants for his new master. In his heart he wished to escape, but he didn’t dare go against the presence in his mind and he didn’t know the way out.
The first few rituals were building up to something, but he didn’t know what. Every time they sacrificed a lamb. Occidendum would then give sermons on the glory of lord Shoggoth. Ralph watched the man, but they both knew he wasn’t listening and he wasn’t brainwashed. The cultist didn’t care if he believed. He knew Otiosum would do whatever was asked of him, he didn’t have enough will to resist.
There was a certain excitement in the air before the next ritual, the one he was in now. Something big was happening but since he never listened he didn’t know what it was. The first proof was when he entered the dining room to find a whole steer being sliced. From the way it bled, Ralph it knew not only was it not cooked, it was not dead yet.
He was given a plate. It disgusted him, but with all the other brothers looking at him he ate it anyway. The meat made him feel ill. After the meal they were led to a room and ordered to remove all their clothing. A huge pool was in the middle, about shoulder depth. After stripping the men bagan walking into the water. Confused and afraid he balked, but another brother said “It is the cleansing. Don’t be afraid.”
Sighing Ralph walked into the pool to find it ice cold. It took 20 minutes to cross the pool. Ralph stepped out, the warm air burning his numbed flesh. With a flourish, the sisters entered, naked and enticing. They moved from man to man as a group. Each time they would finish the man with their mouth and spit the semen into a golden chalice. Despite the situation, a dozen beautiful women kissing, stroking and exploring your body was overwhelming.
Finally they were given heavy black robes and led into the altar room. Each was handed a silver knife. Ralph looked to the altar and saw horrified to see the lamb had been replaced by a screaming, naked teenage girl. Without being told he knew she must be a virgin, because what else would she be.
Ralph snapped to attention as the chant ended. He looked up, horrified, expecting Occidendum to kill the poor girl. Instead he poured the chalice from earlier into her mouth as she sputtered and gagged. One by one the brothers went up and stabbed her. She screamed in agony as each blow wounded, but did not kill her. Ralph stayed at the back until he was the last brother. “As the last, you will be given the honor of the killing blow.”
Ralph stood above the wounded and screaming girl. He knew he now had a choice. He could kill himself and end this madness. The girl would still die of course but if he wasn’t the one to strike the fatal blow the ritual would fail. Despite that he stood stock still, not daring to take any action.
Occidendum began to whip him yelling “do it you coward. We both know you lack the will to fight this.”
For a split second he DID have the will to do it. For once he would do the hard thing and slay himself for the sake of the world. He lifted his knife, prepared to end himself. “No! You scum. You can’t escape this,” yelled Occidendum. The small sliver of will Ralph had mustered shattered to the wind. Crying he plunged his blade into the girl, completely broken.
The symbol on the wall glowed a bright yellow. beast beyond human understanding oozed into reality. All around him people collapsed, screaming. Some tried to claw out their eyes, others slashed their wrists. Ralph watched the creature, numb. He had no desire to do anything. He stared at the monstrosity, but it would be too hard to react the way the others did.
The creature sucked blackness out of the cultists around him. Shoggoth ignored Ralph, who stood there unflinching. The creature left, and he heard the sisters screaming. He would miss the sex, but he didn’t care to help them. Instead he went to the kitchen and found some bread and ate it. Ralph finally went back to his bed and went to sleep.
As he slept, mighty Shoggoth ate the souls of the horrified populace. By the time he awoke the world was awash in unholy crimson light and the whole of humanity was dead.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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