Grace Parker – Person of Interest

I hope you enjoy this new character.  If the story intrigues you I would love to see your take on it.  If you link your story to the comments I’ll link your story in next week’s post,
Name: Grace Parker
Age: 40
Appearance: Grace has brown shoulder length hair that is fuller on the sides. This gives her a ball shaped head. She has a few small wrinkles, but nothing that stands out. When not wearing her robes she wears conservative dresses of a single color, accented by pearls and gold jewelry.
Background: Grace grew up different. For whatever reason, she always knew the truth behind any situation. Growing up she helped solve disputes between family and friends. She was near the top of her class in high school. Instead of capitalizing on that she dove into the police academy.
She went in full of hope, performing as best she could given her physical condition. She graduated and joined the state troopers. They gave her a desk job carefully not saying the obvious, she was a tiny woman and didn’t belong on the streets. She did that for six months, then resigned and went back to school to become a lawyer.
Again graduating, she spent several years as a paralegal. She then became a lawyer, then partner. She thought her gifts would help filter out people that had committed crimes. Lawyers as a whole don’t care about guilt so her recommendations were ignored.
Having had enough of this she ran for an open judicial seat and won. As a judge, she felt she might at least be able to give appropriate sentences. Grace could also subtly steer proceedings by controlling objections and ruling on evidence.
For many more years she did this and she felt she was doing well. Then Sean entered her courtroom. He was black with guilt over the murders he committed. He had also hired the best lawyer in town. The attorney general fought hard, but he was outclassed. Sean walked out of the courtroom a free man.
Grace knew he would kill again and again until stopped. However, he had the best defense money can by and was very clever about covering his tracks. For the next week, she tossed and turned all night and barely eating. Then the morning paper showed what she feared the most, another body was found.
Grace knew that somehow she needed to stop the murders one way or another,

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