Person of Interest – Karen Waters

Name: Karen Waters

Age: 45

Appearance:  Karen is overweight with black curly hair going grey she cuts at home.  The ends are ragged and messy. Her clothes are clearance thrift store she buys only when they are too worn to be decent.  She has deep laugh lines and bags under bright green eyes. She walks with a cane due to an old workplace injury that placed her on permanent disability.

Background:  Karen grew up in the 80s around video games, MTV and Jamaica shorts.  She was a middling student, not because she wasn’t smart enough but rather because her mind jumped ten steps past anything taught to her.  She was obsessed with patterns in things. Everything connected somehow, some way.

Her parents were concerned with this but weren’t about to send their daughter to a shrink and become a laughing stock.  Instead, they yelled, punished and tried to force her to drop it. This just pushed her into believing her parents were a part of whatever it was that was out there.  Her home had an unfinished basement that only held the furnace and hot water heater. At night she would sneak down and start connecting dots. She hid her evidence under an old pile of rags.

She was not bullied or popular in school.  No one knew what to make of her so they ignored her.  This suited her just fine given the sport’s players connections to large business, which obviously were using their advertisements to inject their mind control into the unsuspecting populace.  She was just surprised no one else could see it.

She graduated near the bottom of her class and took pride in it.  It meant they – she hadn’t worked out who they were yet – hadn’t corrupted her into the socio-industrial complex.  As far as she was concerned the class valedictorian had already been recruited, selected to lead the mindless drones in the future.  She continued to live with her parents for another 6 months while she looked for a job that would not drag her into the conspiracy.

Then her father found her work when cleaning the basement, something she attributed to them influencing him to hinder her.  He came up with the reams of paper and began screaming at her, telling her she was crazy. He took her stuff, stuck in trash bags and threw it into the street.  He gave her 3 days to get out. Desperate, she wandered the streets and saw a sign for a construction company looking for help.

Karen was far from petite, and clever enough to use affirmative action to her advantage.  She started the next day and begged her father for two more weeks. He acquiesced, and she took her first two paychecks and moved into a rundown apartment filled with cockroaches and rats.  Her landlord wouldn’t fix anything and she was pretty sure it was illegal. This suited her just fine, it meant fewer connections to the others.

She took up her work in earnest and found hundreds of connections.  She never went anywhere and rarely spent money, so she had decent savings built up when she heard of the Internet.  It sounded like a paradise where she could finally find others who saw through the “facts” to find the truth.

She joined AOL and connected to forums and IRC.  She talked with other people who saw past the obvious, but never found anybody who dug as deep as she did.  Then one day she posted a conspiracy that a minor city official would be found dead. His replacement would make changes to the water supply to add mind control drugs.  The next day the official was on the cover of the newspaper. She stopped showering immediately and drank only purified water she ran through a homemade filter.

A week after that a board fell on her, compressing her spine.  Her bosses tried to claim it was her fault, dragging her through court to get her worker’s comp.  Then she was denied repeatedly for disability. She did get it and used her lump sum to pay for a year of cable internet and a fast new machine.  She started a web log, which over the years turned into weblog which ultimately became a blog. She then bought equipment to do a vlog and made those as well.

Her slum apartment and food were the only things she bought that wasn’t about conspiracies.  For the next 10 years, she predicted many awful and important events. Konpiracy1137 was often called a prophet or an oracle.

One day she had a knock at the door.  Expecting more Jehovah’s Witnesses she grabbed a broom and headed to the door.  She looked through the peephole and sure enough, two men in suits stood with a copy of the Watchtower. She opened the door and held the broom like a bat.  She was about to yell when they pulled out guns. She dropped the broom and turned to run, but one man grabbed her shoulder.

Spinning her around the man said, “Karen Waters, we need a word with you.”

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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