The Most Dangerous Invention

Terror.  Gut burning, icy veined, bloodcurdling terror.  It washed over me as I looked at it. It was something like I had never seen before.  Science was never meant for this, yet I had done it anyway. I, the world renowned genius engineer and scientist had made something so horrible I wished only to destroy it.

The problem was it couldn’t be destroyed.  It couldn’t be tamed and it couldn’t be stopped.  From the moment I let it loose on the world, it became unstoppable.  I sat at my desk, hands holding my low hanging head. What had I been thinking?  Why didn’t I realize what this meant when I created it. The worst part was its creation made others see me as a god.

I looked around the room.  The walls were covered in scrawl, trying to find a way to stop the spread of the disease.  There was nothing I could do. The creation was so insidious, dark and terrible in its power there was no way to stop it.  Tears poured down my face as I contemplated what I had done.

The creation seemed so simple.  It was a link to existing computer networks, a neural link.  It let people access information instantly, sorting based on their interests.  It was that last part that would lead to the end. No one could see it yet, and everyone I told laughed it off or ignored me as an old fool, despite the fact I created this nightmare in the first place.

Einstein is said to have wished he never created the theory of relativity after the creation of the atom bomb.  I understand what that means now.

You are probably like the rest, you don’t see the trap do you?  Consider this: people’s information driven by a filter of only what they want to see.  Ideologies reinforced, beliefs about anything, no matter how ridiculous, supported by their own desire to believe it.  The end game is obvious. People will disagree with no discourse, as their minds are full of facts they chose. Can you see?  Already breaking the world down, now it was inevitable that it would end in fire and death. All at my hand.

See this bottle of pills?  Sitting on my desk? This will end me.  Prevent me from creating anything worse.  Also, I am too much of a coward to see the world I created come to its inevitable end.


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