The Mall Holds a Dirty Secret

Name:  Claire Parkinson

Age: 16

Appearance: Clair is an average looking girl, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was thin but not overly so. He had light acne and chalky, white skin.  You’d never know under the layer of makeup she used to cover blemishes, heighten her cheekbones and outline her eyes.  Along with her suggestive shirts tied at the waist and skin tight jeans she came across as an easy lay.

Backgrounds:  Claire leads a typical life for the most part.  She is having the usual gossips, fights and makeups.  She dressed shabbily then and found kinship with some of the outsiders who she loved.

Then came the day her mother met Peter.  He was young, handsome, rich and doted on her.  However, he saw Claire as something of a nuisance and most days he would make a big deal about Claire getting what she wants.  Claire hated it but didn’t want to hurt her mom by saying so.

Claire began to live at the mall,  buying bags and bags of things that half interested her.  She would go home to her room and toss the bag in the corner.  She always said she would pick out the best stuff and give the rest to charity.  Claire was too blase to care.

Then she began to notice strange things at the mall.  Employees moved from job to job at random. She noted the manakins all faced towards a single spot.  She tried turning one and the next day it was the same as it was. She also noticed a symbol above each door.

Some paranoid book searches later at the bookstore and she found the symbols were a number and a direction.  She read about cults and decided that this was one. She found the door everything was pointing out, a purple door behind a display tapestry.  She left without trying the door.

Claire couldn’t sleep that night and knew the next day she would see what was there.   The next day Claire grabbed the door handle, feeling conflicted until she heard an employee’s voice opened it and ran in.  The door slammed shut and the light went off. After several moments the lights returned and Claire stood mouth agape at what was there.

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