Svarg – Person of Interest

Name: Svarg (Atalai Mediseph)

Age: 17

Appearance: Svarg is a thin, wiry man.  He towers over the others at his temple, and a reddish ruddy appearance far darker than his peers.  Many mistake his thin build for weakness, but he holds great power and can lift the heaviest of training blocks with ease.  Others who approach him gain a feeling of serenity, and he seems to be not quite in the same space as others. His head and body are shaved, a laborious process, but he does it to blend as much as possible with his peers, who have little body hair.  This is his only vanity. He has the mark of the Dragon and tiger burned into his wrists, signifying his transformation into a true monk.

Background:  Atalai’s earliest memory was of his parents giving him to the monks.  He could still see their tears and feel his own. They were brightly dressed, he recalled, but far too thin.  One would think this would be a painful thought, but to Svarg it was simply a photo of what had passed, and the past could not hold him.

Though very young when joining the school, many came even younger.  They were all smaller than the tall thin child covered in hair. These differences made him a target and despite his lack of experience, he was challenged often.  At first, he used the attacks of a brawler and was quickly torn apart. He learned quickly and was soon able to defend himself against the younger students, but one boy hounded him mercilessly.

The boy’s name was Woo Lin.  He was fast, powerful and skilled.  He was also arrogant and believed far too much in the physical.  Atalia, as he was still called then, trained only when ordered. The rest of his time was spent with Yoo Fong, who taught the left hand path.  Most frowned upon it, but Atalai saw drawn to it. He spent months reading scrolls and asking questions.

When he turned 16 he took the trials and succeeded easily.  He chose Svarg, meaning heavens in Hindi. His master called him after the ceremony, and dutifully he went to him.  When he got there he was informed by his master that sensing his body he had a terminal illness.

Yoo Fong said he must pass down left hand fighting, Onimuri, to Svarg.  They began at once and Svarg easily learned the new techniques. These were true disciplines that honed the body and mind of the practitioner.  Svarg began to need less sleep and food. He could outrun, and overpower the others, and gained their respect. He didn’t care about adulation or winning.  He felt the mind and soul truly defined a man.

The predicted death was upon them and Yoo Fong lay on a pallet in his room. He called for Svarg and whispered the last secrets to him.  One was a combat technique used to take down armies, a skill thought long lost. This, Yoo Fong said, must not ever be revealed. No one could be allowed to know it still existed lest people fight for it.

He then passed his amulet of a left hand to the boy.  This signified he was the master of the left hand. The head Monk held a similar amulet of a right hand.  The fact was while the head Monk knew platitudes, meditation, and fighting, the left hand was more demanding and usually the left hand teacher actually ran the monastery.

A few weeks passed uneventfully.  Svarg meditated, strengthened himself with both physical and mental disciplines.  However, this ended when gongs rang out through the monastery, signaling an attack.  Svarg rushed to find the enemy using muskets to kill the monks before they could fight.  Svang could save them all with one strike, but it would reveal to everyone the move still existed.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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