Whoring Myself Out

There’s a thing about writing short stories on the Internet, it’s not a popular thing people look for, and there’s damn little money in it.  I currently live comfortably enough, but I would enjoy a bit more income in my life (wouldn’t we all).

Therefore I’ve decided to sell my services on Fiverr, doing descriptions and short stories based on the backgrounds of RPG characters.  While it’s not a big amount, being that’s it’s Fiverr, but hopefully it’ll bring a couple bucks in that I didn’t have before.

Since most of my readers are already writers I’m guessing most of you won’t be interested, but if anybody happens to want that sort of thing, my Fiverr gig is here.

As long as I’m selling my soul for money, I also have T-shirts for sale through Zazzle.  My store is available here.

Well, now that I’m doing the writing equivalent of walking the streets maybe I can catch a few tricks and make a little somethin’ somethin’.

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