A Historical Mystery – Who am I?

For something a little different, this is a real historical mystery.  Nobody knows what this person was, how they lived or how they came to hold the things they had.

Name: unknown

Age: unknown


The unknown person is a male, most likely of great wealth buried in a mound in what is now Germany.  He had on a golden torc, a bracelet of gold and an amber necklace.  Amber was found hundreds of mile from where he lived.  He had a spear and was on a cart when he was buried.  All his clothes were lost to time.

He was surrounded by priceless objects, like greek urns, bronze cauldrons, and other finery.  Most of the items came from far from where he lived.  The only mention of his people at the time was from Herodotus who said they lived at the end of what is now the Danube.

It is known his people had no written language, did not have any currency and at the time of his death, important trade routes passed through his lands.  His village was on a plateau surrounded by walls with wooden huts and a great central hall 4 stories tall.

What is known of his religion was that it was polytheistic, they believed in nature spirits that lived in trees and springs.  A few stories were written by Irish monks thousands of years later about the gods, but this may or may not apply to people who lived so far from there.  Their priesthood was the druids, and according to Julius Ceasar’s accounts, hundreds of year later, they practiced human sacrifice.

Sources show women, as well as men, held positions of power within their society.

As far as I know, that is all that is known about him.

So, can you recreate his life?  Do you have any guesses as to what he may have worn?  What about how he came upon such riches with no currency for trade? Literally, any guess could be correct.  Tell me your ideas in the comments.  What do you think he looked like?


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