Becoming an Author – And Now for Something Completely Different

Just because I’m not doing enough posting stories to Instagram, Twitter, and my site I am thinking I might dip my toes into trying a YouTube page.  I have what I believe to be a good concept.  However, it’s led to a new challenge too.

You see,  I don’t want to read stories in a monotone over a picture like so many sites I’ve seen, so I’m trying to write some stories in the form of a storyteller.  Storytellers have existed for millennia and were some of the earliest forms of entertainment.  To write like a storyteller you have to be a narrator, telling what’s happening and including side commentary, snarky lines and overall make the story entertaining to listen to.

It’s half writing a story and half a play for one.  I am taking my first story on my site, Emily’s Monster (You can tell it’s my first story, the writing is cringeworthy) and changing it around for a storyteller.  It’s an interesting exercise and I suppose I’ll hear how it comes out on Monday, which will be my first chance to try and record myself telling the story.  Until then I’ll be tweaking and editing.  My character for Monday is already written, so I gave myself a little leeway in time.

With any luck, I’ll have my first video by the end of next week, although I have some technical issues to work out, like having never edited a video in my entire life.  I’m sure it’s a piece of cake, right?


  1. I’ll definitely link here. I did a test video yesterday and went through a lot of software options. I was hoping to have something done this week, but it may be next week before I can get a video assembled. Video software is complicated, and there are a lot of things that have to be put together.

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