Becoming an Author – My Poor Baby

There comes a time in every author’s life when they have to take a deep breath, harden their heart and tear their story they spent so much time and love on to bits.  That’s right, it’s editing time.

Way back in November I did NaNoWriMo and succeeded.  The story is part of a larger series, and I managed to get to the ending I wanted.  The problem is now I have a fantasy novel approximately 20,000 words too short to actually submit to an agent.  Fortunately, there are some story arcs I can put in to expand on some of the characters and there’s one part of the story I think may be too rushed for what happens.

However, even as I add, I’m going to have to gut.  Little conversations are going to be lost and things I love about the story shredded beyond recognition.  

So I’m trying to get ahead on all my writing to leave time free for editing.  I’m ahead on a lot of stuff, so I guess it’s time to tear up my baby…

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