Quirky Characters – Penelope Severs

Penelope Severs (PenePoster21)

Age: 17

Appearance:  Penelope is slightly overweight, and short, barely topping 5 feet.  She has surprisingly clear skin for her age.  Her long black hair is kept tied back at all times. She wears all black with tech jokes on her t-shirts and always has on a backpack when not sitting at her computer.  She is covered in technology at all times, backpack carrying her laptop and school issued tablet.  She has a top of the line phone worn in a holster-like pouch on her hip.  It is Bluetooth connected to her cutting-edge smartwatch.

Background:  Penelope’s family is extremely wealthy and busy, leaving her to her own devices.  Socially awkward, she connected with tech at an early age.  She has 3 machines in her room, a couple of “tinkering” machines and a massive powerhouse top of the line computer in a 3 ½ foot tall case with 5 fans and liquid cooling.   

In school she is not bullied or popular; she is simply invisible.  Soft-spoken, she is nearly constantly annoyed by the how slow and uneducated her peers seem, and is dying to get to college to finally be with “her” people.  She aces classes with ease, usually completing her homework while the teacher is explaining how to do it.

As PenePoster21, she lives on the internet.  She has every form of social media, visits several forums daily and has perused the “dark” web, finding it interesting but not quite daring to be a part of it.  She also plays 3 different online games, a MOBA and two MMORPGs.  She usually plays these with her laptop opened beside her three monitor setup so during lulls in the game she can comment on her forums and social media.

PenePoster21 is a well-known troll.  She watches the sites until she sees something “wrong” and throws insults, snark, and piles of “proof” for her opinion. People either love her or hate her depending on if they agree with her opinions.  

Recently, three changes have happened.  First, a girl appeared.  Gelly, a definite goth girl smart alec who is the first person she has found to be a match for her intellect.  She is also the first person Penelope has found attractive.  This has left her confused, as she always assumed her first crush would be a boy, or more likely nobody, given how few people are even smart enough to keep up with her.

Second, she has a cyber stalker who has hacked all her equipment.  DarkDoomWizard follows all her social media and manages to crack back in every time she blocks him.  On forums he intentionally goads her with extreme skill, short-circuiting her usual victories. He managed to get into her guild on both MMORPGs, and would nearly always be on her MOBA team, again despite blocking.  The first thing he ever said to her was “Welcome to a New World”.  Her tentative explorations of the Dark Web began to expand to try to find a way to get rid of him.

Finally, since that day the DarkDoomWizard showed up she has begun to control computers with her mind.  She stopped typing a few weeks ago and now no longer used a mouse.  She would simply stare at her screens and things would happen. DarkDoomWizard seemed to know about it.  It simultaneously thrilled and terrified her.  

Now she is filled with constant turmoil of fear, confusion, lust, anger, and thrill at the turns in her life.  What a way to start her senior year of High School.

So what do you think?  How do you think her story goes?  Post ideas below or link a story about her or even a drawing if you’re so inclined.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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