Becoming an Author – Spreading my Wings

Well, I’m trying something new.  I’ve always tended towards fantasy in my writing.  High fantasy has always been my go to, but I’ve done a little historical fantasy and urban fantasy as well.  

Recently, I wrote a story that is more general fiction, and some of the readers of that story think it should be a full length story.  That’s novel length story #4 for anyone keeping track.

Today I stepped outside my wheelhouse and started trying to write a real horror style story.  It’s a pretty generic plot, but the most horror I’ve done is a monster of the week with my Mistress Bitten stories.  So now I’m trying to work my way through timing, dramatic tension and mystery to make the story more goosebumpy than most of what I’ve written.

It’s a crazy attempt.  I have no idea if I can pull it off, but any story can benefit from a little mystery so it will help my writing even if I don’t move into horror full time.  I mean how do you know if you’re dragging the story out or adding tension, anyways?

Well hopefully sometime soon I can post the story and let the general public decide if I can do horror.  Here’s hoping it works!


  1. Even if you hate it in the end, it’s definitely not time wasted. As you said, it only strengthens you as a writer to branch out with new ideas/work. I’ll look forward to seeing what you post of it!

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  2. Building that level of suspense is so new to me I’m struggling with it. I’ve build suspense to a lesser extent in other stories, but in fantasy it’s not to the extreme that is required in horror. I’m already afraid I’ve built up too fast. The story as it stands just dropped into a lull I have to build up again for the shock ending.

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