Becoming a Writer – Decisions and Distractions

December has been a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to actual writing.  I have been releasing regular updates to the channel, but very little else.  I haven’t even looked at any of my longer pieces – sort of.

My short stories I release are fun and interesting but rarely are well edited as I generally only have a few days to release them.  I have made several attempts to get ahead, but poor story ideas and the distractions of getting ready for Christmas with the kids.  A few other life things have popped up too.  I am hoping once the holidays happen I will have more time to write.

The other thing is I have recently come across two short stories of mine that deserve the full book treatment. For stories, I have Donovan’s Curse, modern fantasy,  the book I planned to write when this writing adventure started.  The outline holds some meaning for me. I have a Mistress Bitten novella, historical fantasy horror, I am unsure how much time this will take to write.  Becoming a Redeemer, high fantasy,  This is my 50,000 word story that needs to be expanded into a fantasy sized book and edited.  Now I have Another Point of View(working title), a philosophical drama that started as a short story, but everyone who read it said how much they would like to see it expanded into a novel, so there we are.  Finally, the short story posted yesterday seems like it could expand into an anthology.

While December is distracting there will more distractions to come, drawing portraits, some work (possibly) and planning and working on a project with my daughter.  I also have some gaming planned for the weekends as well.  I have to write an adventure for that (still writing, I suppose).  If anyone is interested I will post the adventure design sans system descriptions beyond enemy names.

I am actually happy with the work I have to do.  All too often I get a holiday slump when there are no more presents and the excitement of knowing your kids will be excited about gifts,  I am trying not to go down that path, so I will forge on in different pursuits.

Wow,  this is longer than I meant it to be.  I’ll keep you posted on which story(ies) I get working on after the holidays.  I have an extremely strange short story I will post after it’s completed.  I also have a few more ideas for 2018 to draw more viewers in.  2018 looks to be as interesting as 2017. Of course, as the Chinese curse(for lack of a better word) goes ‘May you live in interesting times’. I suppose we’ll see what happens when things start going.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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