The Alley

Sirens screamed out a Jason left the bank carrying a sack.  He had a face mask, blonde hair and a track suit.  He also carried an AK-47.   He had told the lady at the counter not to contact the police and obviously she didn’t listen.  He considered going back in and taking them as hostages, but he quickly decided that would ultimately be suicide.  Besides he had a backup plan.

Police cars roared up, sirens deafening, and blocked his way to his escape car.  In response, he let loose a barrage of bullets the noise ripping the air, drowning out even the sirens,  The officers dived behind their cars.  A couple of officers popped up from behind their cars, pistols drawn. He let loose a random spray of bullets and watched as the officers drop back to cover.  When he was getting the gun, his friend had suggested large clips, and he was glad for it

In the confusion he bolted down the alley nearby, between the bank and a delicatessen.   Legs pumping, he charged at a small fence.  Leaping upwards, he grasped the fence and scurried over.  Remembering the alley layout from his planning of the heist, he took a left.  Yells and barks echoed through the alley.  At the sound, his legs pumped even harder.  He didn’t know they had dogs.

Another fence reared up in front of him, but the chain link was easy to throw himself over. Behind a restaurant, he spotted a dumpster.  Jason stopped momentarily to tear away the jumpsuit, pull off the mask and the crazy blonde wig, tossing them into the dumpster.  Beneath the outer layer he had slicked back dark hair and a well trimmed goatee. His clothes were just a simple t shirt and jeans.  He went to bury them, but the barking had started coming dangerously close. He darted away, mind struggling to remember the complex alley system. He realized that one turn would put him on the street where he could hail a cab to safety.  He scoffed, remembering everyone who warned him not to use this alley.

He came around the corner, sprinting, breath coming in gasps. He was home free, and a laughed formed in his throat.  Then he ran into a young boy and was sent sprawling.   Jumping up quickly, he studied the child.  He was wearing a loose fitting shirt, and trousers of all things.

“Get outta the way kid.” the man yelled

“Return the money” the boy replied

What the hell? How did that kid know he had stolen something.  Jason didn’t want to add a murder to his rap sheet but the barks and yells were closing in.   He raised his gun “Sorry.  It’s business.”  The gun roared and threw bullets at the small boy.

For some reason the boy wasn’t there anymore.  Jason looked around and started back down the alley only to find the boy was blocking his path, six inches in front of him.  He growled and swung a punch down at the boy.  

Instead of hitting him, his punch hit nothing.  He lost his balance and nearly fell over.  The boy threw a tiny fist at his gut with a pathetic swing.  Jason laughed at the stupid kis, until the punch hit him like a cinder block, doubling him over and nearly making him lose his lunch.

The boy swung at the chin now in his reach.  Jason tried to move out of the way but the little fist struck his chin, shattering his jaw and knocking him unconscious.  He awoke to hear dogs closing in and as he sat up one latched onto his arm.  The teeth tore into his flesh and he screamed, but it came out strange through his broken jaw.  The police surrounded him.  One picked up his gun and another nearby held the pieces of his disguise.  He tried to ask where the boy was but he couldn’t get his mouth to work.  He was bandaged and handcuffed, and the police brought him to a squad car.

“There’s something weird about that alley.” One officer said.

“Yeah, when the scum enter it they end up beaten or dead. Never find anyone or fingerprints though.”

“Can’t complain. It certainly makes our job easy.” the man shoved Jason roughly into the car.  He looked out the window and saw the strange boy waving to him from the alley.  He stared in shock until the car pulled out of sight on the way to the hospital.

Published by Robert C Hartwell

I live in Northeastern Vermont in the US. I am currently working towards becoming an author. I am the proud father of two great kids.

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