My feet are making flapping noises as I run.  The red carpet isn’t as soft as it looks. My chest hurts. My voice is coming out in little breaths.  I think I heard a deep voice behind me.  Even though I’m tired, I try to make my legs go faster.  They burn and hurt.  Looking around I see lots of white doors.  Maybe one of them can save me.  Stopping, I knock on a door, and a grumpy voice yells “Leave me alone!”

A lady’s voice sounds far away, but it sounds closer than the last one.  I start running again.  The hallway was huge and went on forever. I want to stop, or hide but there is nothing around me.  My chest hurts.  Tears are running down my face.   Why won’t they leave me alone?

I shout “Leave me alone!” then put my hands over my mouth.  That was stupid, now they could find me.  The lights were blinking, making shadows all over the place.  It was super scary and I wanted to turn around but that would mean getting caught.

All of a sudden I come to a fork in the hall.  I look both ways and can’t decide which way to go.  Hearing another voice, I start going down the left way.  My legs wanted to stop but I was too afraid.  A room with no door is in front of me.  I hear humming from it, and I think I might be able to hide there.  I look in and the room just has some machines in it, but they are too close together to get behind.  I run as fast as I can again.  I hear a voice again and it sounds louder.

I try to get my legs to go faster again, but they hurt so much I am slowing down.  I begin to sniffle and try to wipe the tears away.  My legs won’t go anymore, so I begin walking.  I see the end of the hall and there are no more turns.  A big plant sits at the end of the hall so I get behind it.

For a long time I ducked down there, then I see them, mommy and daddy and they are staring at me. Mommy’s forehead is all crinkly and she is frowning.  In her hand is a small suit.  Daddy walks right over and picks me up.

“I can’t believe how naughty you are being right now” mommy said.  “Running away from our room completely naked.  After this wedding you and I are going to have a serious talk about your behavior.  And you forget playing with your tablet for a long time.”

She took the small pants and put them over my kicking legs.  “I don’t wanna be a ring bearer!”

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